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Curriculum Vitae

Laga Mahesa

Network Administrator, Webmaster, Web Designer, Security Consultant, Software Engineer

Laga Mahesa
20 August 1976
Jakarta, Indonesia
183 cm
91 kg
English (Fluent, Primary Tongue)
Bahasa Indonesia (Fluent)
Jl. Pulomas 1C, No. 1
Jakarta Timur
+62 (0815) 186 3010 (Matrix)
Image: My photo Jakarta
June 2008
Education : Formal

All of the Educational Establishments mentioned herein are located in the United Kingdom

  Standard Grade (Scottish Equivalent to English GCSE Grade)
  Location : George Watson's College - Edinburgh, Scotland

	     Computing Studies     Office and Information Studies
	     Biology	       English
	     Chemistry	     French

  Higher Grade (Equivalent to English 'A Levels')
  Location : George Watson's College - Edinburgh, Scotland

	     Biology	       Computing

  Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (C.S.Y.S.)[1]
  Location : George Watson's College - Edinburgh, Scotland

	     Computing Studies     Artificial Intelligence

  BEng (Hons) Software Engineering
  Location : Napier University       - Edinburgh, Scotland

	     Software Engineering  Hardware Engineering
	     Mathematics	   Management
	     Psychology	    Software Viruses

  Scottish Vocational Education Council (S.C.O.T.V.E.C.)
  Location : George Watson's College - Edinburgh, Scotland

	     Intro. Electricity    Properties of Matter
	     Electricity	   Core Mathematics 4
	     Intro. Mechanics      Mathematics : Analysis/Algebra 1
	     Mechanics	     Text Processing 1

  Short Courses
  Location : George Watson's College - Edinburgh, Scotland
	     Napier University       - Edinburgh, Scotland

	     Electronic Construction
	     Software Viruses
	     Psychology 1A

  [1] The Sixth Year is an  additional non-compulsory year following
      High School, and teaches various aspects of  the subjects that
      are generally covered within the University BA(Hons) Computing
      Studies course.
Education : Miscellaneous
  Introduction to Teaching English (ITE)
  Location : The British Institute, Jakarta, Kuningan
  Type     : Local Certification

  Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
  Location : The British Institute, Jakarta, Kuningan
  Type     : International Certification (Cambridge University)
IT : General Experience
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows (95, 98, 98SE, NT4, XP, 2003)
      • Installation, maintenance
      • Administration, management
      • Networking, server implementation
      • Domain Installation, Setup, Administration (NT4)
      • Troubleshooting, repairing
      • Data Recovery (FAT, FAT32)
      • Partition Maintenance
      • Multiboot Configurations
      • Scripting (Perl, DOS Batch)
      • Customization
    • Linux
      • Distro familiarity - Gentoo primarily, followed by RedHat, Mandrake and others
      • Installation, maintenance
      • Administration, management
      • Networking, server implementation
      • Domain Installation, Setup, Administration (SAMBA)
      • Troubleshooting, repairing
      • Partition Maintenance
      • scripting (Perl, Bash)
      • Customization
      • Platform-optimized installations (Gentoo)
  • Assembly Language (ASM)
    • MASM (Microsoft Assembler)
    • NASM (Netwide Assembler, cross-platform)
    • Familiarity with the PE format
    • Code Optimizing
    • Win32 API Programming
  • Reverse Engineering
    • SoftICE Debugging
    • Deadlist Disassembly
    • Protection Removal
    • Anti Cracking
  • Networking
    • LAN Building
    • LAN Administration
    • Domain Administration
      • SAMBA
      • NT4 Domains
      • Active Directory
    • Security
      • Network Intrusion
      • Packet Interception
      • Source Tracing
      • Malware Prevention/Removal
  • Web Design
    • Manual web design, non-reliance on WYSIWYG tools
    • W3C Standards-compliant designs for HTML & CSS
    • Accessibility compliant designs
    • Cross-browser compatibility
    • Javascript
    • Filtering - Censoring, advert removal
    • Java - Development and Reverse Engineering
    • PERL - CGI, CMS (Content Management System), Database
      This entire site uses a Perl-based CMS created by myself.
  • Databases
    • Microsoft Access
    • Web-based : ODBC => Perl
    • mySQL
IT : Software and Programming Experience

This is by no means complete and is probably out of date. Please consider it as a general guide only and use the previous section as reference.

  Operating Systems
	     MS-DOS/NDOS/4DOS      : Advanced
	     Linux		 : Moderate - Advanced
	     Windows 3.1/95/98/ME  : Advanced
	     Windows NT / 2K       : Moderate - Advanced

  Misc Software (IBM PC)
	     Adobe PhotoShop       : Moderate - Advanced
	     Borland C/C++	 : Basic
	     Lightwave 3D	  : Moderate - Advanced
	     Microsoft Assembler   : Moderate - Advanced
	     Microsoft Office      : Basic

	     Assembler (Win32)     : Moderate - Advanced
	     C/C++		 : Moderate
	     HTML, CSS	     : Advanced
	     Javascript	    : Moderate - Advanced
	     PERL		  : Basic    - Moderate

	     VirtualDub	    : Advanced (Minor Developer)
	     TMPGEnc	       : Advanced
	     SoundForge	    : Moderate
	     Codec Familiarity     : Advanced
	     A/V Repairs	   : Moderate - Advanced
	     CD/DVD Mastering      : Moderate - Advanced

  General Experience
	     Repairing and optimizing all versions of Windows and DOS
	     Some skills with both 2D and 3D Graphics
	     Some skills with audio/video manipulation
	     Good debugging / Beta testing experience
Employment History
Jakarta International Korean School
Company:JIKS (Jakarta International Korean School)
Sector:Education, Commercial
Location(s):Ceger, Jakarta, Indonesia
Job Title(s):iBT TOEFL Lab Teacher
  IT Consultant
Started:February 2008
Finished:N/A - Currently held position
The British Institute
Company:TBI (The British Institute)
Sector:Education, Commercial
Location(s):Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia
  Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia
Job Title(s):Network Administrator
  IT Supervisor, Jakarta
Started:January 2002
Finished:January 2007
LP2D (Lembaga Pengkajian Pemberdayaan Daerah)
Company:LP2D (Lembaga Pengkajian Pemberdayaan Daerah)
Sector:Non-profit LSM
Location(s):JL. Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia
Job Title(s):Network Administrator
  Office Manager
Started:January 2002
Finished:October 2001
PT. Krisna Mulia Nusantara
Company:PT. Krisna Mulia Nusantara
Sector:Plastics & Polymers
Location(s):Cikampek Industrial Complex, Jakarta, Indonesia
Job Title(s):Computer Technician
  Overseas Marketing
Started:April 2000
Finished:July 2001
PT. Deemas Sakti Pratama
Company:PT. Deemas Sakti Pratama
Sector:Trading (Commercial Goods)
Location(s):Cikini, Jakarta, Indonesia
Job Title(s):Database Programmer (Contract)
  Computer Technician (Part-Time)
Started:March 1998
Finished:January 1999
B&Q DIY Store
Company:B&Q DIY Store
Location(s):Edinburgh, Scotland
Job Title(s):IT Support (Part Time, Temporary)
  Shift Worker (Part Time, Temporary)
Started:May 1995
Finished:October 1995
Additional Information

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